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The Congress

The First International Congress Moral Issues, Morality in Question: Sociology and Anthropology of Good under Challenging Times aims to assemble, at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences (IFCS), of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), approaches concerned with 'denaturalizing' the universe of morality(ies), deploying for that sociological and anthropological tools, emphasizing the actors’ perspectives on their forms of valuation and value frameworks. The seminar presents a three-day program. There are two conferences with international guests; four thematic tables of invited researchers from Brazil and abroad and three workgroups of postgraduate students chosen on a national call. With that program, the seminar aims at the same time at building a panel of current research agendas on moralities in sociology and anthropology, and discuss and shed light on new issues and challenges for this subject. This is fundamental in a complex and challenging environment such as the present, in which ethical polarization, ideological conflicts, and moral radicalizations, materialized in accusatory practices and hate speech, leading to the impossibility of negotiation in social relations, create new dimensions and challenges for the social sciences to understand how people manage their visions of the good.

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